IBM and Wavefunction to Collaborate on Spartan for Unix AIX System

Wavefunction and IBM have teamed up to optimize the Spartan computational engine for IBM's scalable pSeries servers. Including the highly flexible Spartan for Windows graphical user interface remotely submitting to Spartan's compute engine on IBM's powerful eServer pSeries line will offer maximum molecular modeling performance, access, and flexibility.

Spartan is already running on IBM's IntelliStation and ThinkPad products, and it is expected that this alliance will extend to include development for the Spartan for Windows application remotely submitting to Spartan's compute engine optimized for IBM's eServer Linux Cluster offerings as well.
Wavefunction is pleased to increase its Spartan licensing to include supporting solutions on the high-performance hardware offered through IBM's Life Sciences.

About Wavefunction, Inc.
Wavefunction, Inc. was founded in 1991 on the basis of a single ideal; that molecular modeling software should be powerful enough for industrial and academic research while remaining both affordable and easy to use.

This vision was first realized in the form of Spartan for UNIX workstations--now used in thousands of research and educational facilities--and has since been expanded to include Windows, Linux, and Macintosh desktop systems.

But what is Spartan? At its core, Spartan is a seamless integration of computational modeling tools ranging from molecular mechanics to quantum methods such as semi-empirical, ab initio, and density functional theory. This core functionality is augmented by the ability to perform transition state searches, develop combinatorial libraries, and compare molecular using spreadsheets and 2D and 3D graphs. Put together behind the industry's best graphical interface, and you have an unparalleled research and education productivity package.

About IBM Life Sciences
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