Spartan'16, Spartan'16 Parallel Suite, and the Spartan Spectra & Properties Database (v.4) are now available for Windows (Mac & Linux versions to follow). A wide range of modern computation models behind an elegant state-of-the-art interface = "Chemistry at Your Fingertips".


Unsurpassed visualization & well documented computational models accessed from a single user-friendly interface, Spartan offers the full power of molecular modeling to mainstream chemists. Conformational analysis, structure optimization, spectral analysis, atomic and molecular properties provided from state-of-the-art software for your Windows, Macintosh and Linux environment.

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iSpartan and 3 New ODYSSEY Apps for Chemistry Education
Wavefunction is pleased to announce the release of its first molecular modeling apps for the iPad. When combined with Spartan'14 Parallel Suite, the iSpartan app provides a fully functional open-ended molecular modeling tool for research and education.
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