Wavefunction announces the availability of a pilot
Student Edition of Spartan software!

October 23, 2002 Wavefunction, Inc. announces the pilot release of Spartan Student Edition for Windows. This program is part of a new line of student software that will make its debut at the 2003 NSTA National convention in Philadelphia, PA in March. Combining the easy to use graphical interface that has made Spartan such a useful tool in academic research and education with a targeted set of computational functions, the student version is poised to bring molecular modeling into the chemistry curriculum (both undergraduate and high school) like never before.

Spartan Student Edition allows students to:
Learn chemistry with a host of functions designed to aid in the understanding molecules and their reactions: build, display, manipulate and align molecules from Hydrogen to DNA. Visualize atomic and molecular orbitals. Explore reactivity and selectivity of molecules. Calculate equilibrium and transition state geometry. Generate reaction sequences. Animate reactions and molecular vibrations. Study stereochemistry and instantly visualize chirality, and much, much more.

Features include:
1. Builders for organic, inorganic, and organometallic molecules, polynucleotides, and polypeptides
2. Visualization of atomic and molecular orbitals, electron densities, spin densities, and electrostatic potentials as isosurfaces, contour plots, and property maps
3. Spreadsheets for data presentation and analysis, and plots from tabulated data
4. Molecular Property Data: atomic charges, dipole moments, enthalpies, entropies, and free energies, aqueous solvation energies
5. Calculate reaction and relative activation energies
6. Determine equilibrium and transition state geometries
7. Automatic generation of transition states from an extensive reaction library


Generate reaction sequences
9. Computations with molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics methods
10. Full and automatic use of symmetry
11. Cartesian optimization subject to constraints and/or fixed atoms
12. Automatic processing of groups of molecules
13. An HTML User’s Guide from within the Help menu
14. A guidebook, ‘Getting Started with Spartan’ containing useful tutorials and essays
General Information:
Wavefunction produces molecular modeling software and publications for both industry and academia. Our applications are used by chemists in research and education at thousands of sites around the world. Founded in 1991 by Dr. Warren Hehre, Wavefunction promotes the development and use of computational chemistry and molecular modeling in the mainstream chemistry community. From High School to Post-Doc and beyond. Wavefunction, understanding chemistry.

For pricing and additional information, contact:
Wavefunction, Inc.
(949) 955-2120