The Spartan Graphical User Interface. A single, integrated, easy-to-use GUI. In little time, one can build/import/and augment molecules and systems, run molecular mechanics and quantum chemical calculations, and analyze results with Spartan graphics, property dialogs, integrated spreadsheets, data and spectra plots, and text output.

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Accesses a builder for common organic fragments (e.g., "sp3 carbon"), functional groups and rings for easy construction of organic molecules.
  Inorganic Extends building throughout the entire Periodic Table. Includes groups, rings and a library of common ligands.
  Peptide Accesses a builder with amino acids for construction of polypeptides as helices, sheets or in user-defined conformations.
  Nucleotide Accesses a builder of nucleotide bases for construction of single or double stranded DNA or RNA as A or B helices or in user-defined conformations.
  Substituent A new builder for generating groups of substituted molecules.
  Custom Access an included (and customizable) library of additional functional groups, rings and ligands.
  Clipboard Access to any molecule or molecular fragment which has previously been constructed.
  Import Spartan, SYBYL MOL and MOL2, PDB, MacroModel, smiles, XYZ, SDF, TGF, SKC, CIF, and CDX files.
  Export Spartan, SYBYL MOL and MOL2, PDB, MacroModel, smiles, and XYZ molecule files, graphics as JPG, PNG, and BMP files.