Spartan'08 Essential is the latest release of Wavefunction's flagship Spartan line. In addition to the performance, stability, and functionality provided by more than 17 years of professional software development, the following New Features have been added.

Click here for itemized New Feature List (pdf file)

  Graphical User Interface Features: (RED items not available in Essential Edition)
New Reactions Dialogue provides tool for calculation reaction and activation energies
Improved File Structure allows for embedding external data files in native Spartan file format
Improved proton NMR plotting, new COSY and NOSY plotting now available
  Import of experimental NMR and IR in JCAMP file format
Export of calculated NMR and IR in JCAMP file format
Expanded Transition State Library to more than 2000 reaction types
Discrete Property Maps for display of composite calculated surfaces (ESP Maps, for example)
spacer Electron density surface optionally displayed as a % of total electron density (vs. isovalue)
New "Tumble" feature for display of molecule in rotation
Import/Export of multi-molecule MOL2 or SDF Files (including atomic charge data)
Substituent Definitions can now be used in SMD database searching
spacer 2D Thumbnails may now be included in Spartan spreadsheet
spacer Vector quantities may now be stored in Spartan spreadsheet (and plotted)
Computational Enhancements:
  Conformer Library A minimal set of diverse, low-energy conformers used in conjunction with similarity analysis.
  Similarity Analysis Assess and quantify similarity between molecules based on molecular structure or chemical function.