Spartan'14 Parallel Suite contains all features of Spartan'14, and adds the following:

Spartan Molecular Database
  2 Spartan Spectra and Properties Database
  3 The ability to act as a remote server for other Spartan'14 licenses, or from the iSpartan app running on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (2 concurrent devices).
  4 The following Parallel processing features:

  Vastly increased calculation speed using multiple cores (one job over several cores) for parallel processing, available for:
Hartree-Fock: energies, equilibrium geometries, transition state geometries
  Density functional: energies, equilibrium geometries, transition state geometries
  RI-M2 energies, equlibrium geometries, transition state geometries
  IR frequencies and NMR spectra for the above models have been partially parallelized
  The T1 thermochemical recipe, which uses RI-MP2 with dual basis sets is also fully parallelized

  Multi-threaded (one conformer, step, or molecule per core) tasks include:
All energy profiles
  All multi-molecules list files
  The most efficient use of multiple cores is seen when running multiple jobs (one job per core), but an increase in performance for individual jobs over multiple cores is also significant. Typical results are a factor of 1.6 to 1.8 on 2 cores, 3.2 to 3.6 over 4 cores. Spartan'14 Parallel Suite can take advantage of up to 8 cores per single job.