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New/Improved Features in Spartan Student Edition (over previous Spartan Student Editions):
Optional use of Tabs for multiple molecule representation

New Job Monitor with 3D molecular visualization provided during calculations

Improved/Refined display of spectra plots and plots from the Spartan Student Spreadsheet

Simplified requests for most commonly utilized graphical surfaces and composite maps

Simplified procedure for creating reaction sequences via the energy profiles

Improved color palette for specification of custom colors

File compression and overall reduction in size of .spartan files

Enhanced "More Info [?]" data with definitions/summaries for content in the Calculations, Atom Properties, Bond Properties, Molecule Properties and Surface Properties dialogues [Windows Only]
New 2D sketch builder

New Display of calculated and experimental IR and proton an 13C NMR spectra

New single-click Orbital Energy Diagram display

New Ramachandran Plot for proteins returned from Protein Data Bank

New Clipping Plane allows for visualization beneath (inside of) calculated surfaces and maps

Visualization and quantified values for selected area of banded composite surface maps

Expanded Molecule Properties dialogue Thermodynamic properties (ZPE, S°, H°, G°, Cv now available)

New Database access: Spartan Spectra and Properties Database (SSPD) [link to SSPD page]

Aqueous Solvation Energies, Highest Occupied & Lowest Unoccupied Orbital energies and polar surface area added to Molecule Properties dialogue
New EDF2 density functional model

New empirical correction scheme for increased accuracy of calculated 13C NMR (sp3, sp2, aromatic, and sp carbons)

New Equilibrium Conformer (global minimum) task [MMFF only]

Pseudopotentials now available for HF, DFT, and MP2 calculations on heavy elements (including lanthanides)

Bond Orders now available to print to Output File

Expanded Molecular Mechanics Output file to include mechanics energy components (stretching, bending, torsion, electrostatic, vdW, etc.)