Spartan Molecular Database Structure, substructure, name and formula searching of:

Small Molecules: More than 120,000 organic molecules (average weight ~250 amu)

Maybridge: More than 70,000 diverse conformational libraries from the Maybridge Compendium, "Compounds for Drug Discovery Chemistry".

Pharmaceuticals: More than 5,000 diverse conformational libraries of known drugs and drug candidates.

Protein Bound Ligands: An included set of protein bound drugs and drug-like molecules from the public Protein Databank.

SMD is automatically structure searched when building or importing. Users can replace constructed/imported systems with database entries with a single mouse-click. SMD entries contain molecule name, 3-D structure, weight, area, volume, Polar Surface Area, LogP, gas phase energy, aqueous energy, dipole moment and vector, and CAS number (if available).
  Cambridge Structural Database Trident accesses the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)* of more than 355,000 experimental X-ray crystal structures for organic and organometallic molecules. Access to molecular structure, name, CSD refcode and original published reference is available.
  Protein Databank Users can seamlessly retrieve PDB files from the Protein Databank website by searching via structure PDB ID.
  GUI Features:  
  Structure Refinement Trident includes a convenient 'front-end' energy minimization feature using the MMFF94 (molecular mechanics force field) to assist users with molecule construction.
  Structure Query All systems may be queried for atom to atom distances, angles, and dihedral angles. Atoms may be "frozen" to maintain user defined geometries during Structure/Property calculations.