Calculations A single dialog allows easy specification of all aspects of a molecular mechanics or quantum chemical calculation. Another dialog allows specification of surfaces, property maps and slices.
  Output Individual dialogs are available for normal "text" output and for more detailed output.
  Properties Dialogs display calculated properties (energies, dipole moments and atomic charges, among other quantities) without having to examine "text" output.
  Spreadsheet A spreadsheet is available to collect calculated quanties for molecules contained in a list . 2D plots may be made using this data.
Other GUI Features:
  Import and Export Rapid conversion to and from PDB, SYBYL Mol., and SYBYL Mol2, and MACROMODEL molecular structure files to Spartan'02 internal format.
  PICT Graphics Export of RGB formatted graphics files.
  OSF/Motif Toolkit Spartan makes use of the OSF/Motif toolkit, the most widely used toolkit for X-Windows programs. This makes the user interface easy to use, reliable, and easier to learn for users of other common X-Windows programs.