Calculations A single dialog allows for easy specification of all aspects of a molecular mechanics or quantum chemical calculation. A "surface" dialog allows specification of surfaces, property maps and slices.
  Output Individual dialogs are available for standard text output and include a newly implemented summary dialog.
  Properties Dialogs display calculated properties (energies, dipole moments and atomic charges, among other quantities) without having to examine "text" output.
  Spreadsheet A spreadsheet is available to collect calculated quantities for molecules contained in a list. 2D and 3D plots are available using this data.
  Surfaces A single, user friendly dialog for requesting and displaying graphical indicators as molecular surfaces.
  Similarities A dialog for screening and review of similarity analysis results, includes similarity score (rms value), visualization of aligned and superimposed similarity pair (template and library entry), similarity number (from conformer libraries) as well indication of enantiomer. Includes the ability to retrieve any 'hit' to main Spartan interface.
  Reactions A reactions dialog provides an easy-to-use tool for calculation of user-defined reaction energies from either calculated data or the Spartan Spectra & Properties Database.
  Formulas Allows for user specification of formula for custom expressions that can be used within the Spartan spreadsheet for data analysis or to query the Spartan Spectra and Properties Database.
  Database Provides tools for screening results from searches of the Spartan Molecular Database (SMD), Spartan Reaction Database (SRD), Spartan Infrared Database (SIRD), Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), and Spartan Spectra and Properties Database (SSPD).