Spartan for Linux Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I install Spartan for Linux?
How do I import files from other modeling programs? What file types does Spartan recognize?

In the current Linux version of Spartan, file import is managed via the File Menu - Import option. Spartan for Linux recognizes several molecule file types, including:

How can I quantify molecular geometries?

To query the numerical values of any bonded or non-bonded distance, angle or dihedral (torsion) angle, choose from the Geometry Menu:

Note: Queries may also be made between user defined points or planes.

What does the Minimize Energy button do?

The Minimize Energy button/icon is used to reduce the strain energy of a molecule during the building process and typically upon completing the construction of a molecule. This button is a shortcut to performing an Equilibrium Geometry calculation using the MMFF (Merck Molecular Mechanics Force Field) and attempts to:

Note: MMFF94 was parameterized for common organic molecules, the Minimize Energy function produces a local energy minima for organic molecules, but may produce undesirable results for molecules with metal atoms.