Trident Molecular Properties: In addition to energies, and geometries, Trident provides a number of valuable properties.
  Atomic Charges Atomic charges based on fits to electrostatic potentials.
  Electrical Dipole moments, polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities (semi-empirical methods only).
  Additional QSAR
Weight, Area, Volume, Symmetry Group, HOMO and LUMO Energies, Polar Surface Area, LogP, Ovality, Hardness, and Electronegativity.

Aqueous solvation energies from SM5.4 or SM50R models.

  Graphical Properties Electrostatic potential and ionization potential mapped onto electron density surface as well as minimum and maximum values, graphical designation of inaccessible regions on electron density surface, polar area determined by electrostatic potential, electron density area and volume.