Additional Spartan'08 Essential Features:

  List processing
Spartan automatically processes files comprising lists of molecules, in general operations applicable to a single molecule may be appplied to lists of molecules. Spartan is optimized to operate on lists of a hundreds of molecules (not thousands or tens of thousands).
  NOEs NOE data can be applied to confomrational searching as a post-processing filter.
  On-line Infrared data If your computer has internet connectivity, Spartan'08 can retieve and plot experimental IR (~ 14,000 molecules) spectra from the NIST Chemistry Webbook.
  Ligand and Binding Site Extraction Spartan'08 can optionally extract bound ligands and their envrionment from protein (PDB) files, along with customizeable chemical function descriptors (CFD's).
  Constraints and Frozen Atoms Geometry optimization and conformational analysis are available subject to user specified constraints (of distance, angle, or torsion angle) and/or frozen atoms.
  User Generated Database Parallel to the Spartan Molecular Database, user's can save Spartan data in the .spentry format (Spartan Molecular Database format) and construct custom databases, extend the computational models, and number of molecules available from within Spartan.