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Spartan for Windows Latest Versions
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Spartan for Windows Latest Versions:

In order to best assist customers with support questions, it is strongly recommended that you update your software to the latest versions available. Customers that purchase maintenance agreements will automatically receive these updates. For more information on maintenance, please contact our sales department.

The currently supported Spartan for Windows versions are listed below:

Software Version
Spartan'16 (64-bit only) and
Spartan'16 Parallel Suite (64-bit only)
Spartan Student Edition V. 7 (64-bit only) 7.2.7
Older Versions (No Longer Supported) Version
Spartan Student Edition V. 6 6.1.8
Spartan'14 (32-bit) 1.1.8
Spartan'14 (64-bit) 1.1.8
Spartan Student Edition V. 5 5.0.1
Spartan'10 1.1.0
Spartan Student Edition V. 4 4.1.2
Spartan'08 1.2.0
Spartan'08 Essential 4.0.0
Spartan'06 1.1.2