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The ODYSSEY line of software has been developed exclusively for teaching introductory and general chemistry at the high school and university levels. A state-of-the-art program with visually rich, scientifically sound experiments, ODYSSEY offers instructors an exciting new way to engage students. Students and instructors benefit from more than 150 fully integrated molecular lab activities. Instructors can modify lab protocols and questions, or build their own custom activities.

Carbon Nanotube

Wavefunction provides cutting edge molecular modeling software for use in research and education. Our flagship Spartan software is used by hundreds of commercial and government research organizations and thousands of academic institutions world-wide. For determining molecular structure and calculating chemical properties, there is no better tool. The iSpartan app brings our high quality graphical interface and accurate computational models to the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. When combined with Spartan'24, this enables the first fully-functional open-ended molecular modeling environment on the most popular mobile technology.


The Spartan Parallel Suite can interface a number of invaluable Databases including the Spartan Spectra and Properties Database (SSPD), a collection of more than 315,000 molecules. Entries included structures, energies, and a host of molecular and atomic properties as well as IR and NMR spectra, pre-calculated with well-documented computational approaches (ωB97X-D and EDF2 functionals). Spartan software also interfaces the Cambridge Structural Database. The CSD is the world's repository for small molecule crystal data and comprises more than 1,000,000 X-ray crystal structures. All Spartan versions can seamlessly retrieve entries in the Protein Data Bank.

Ethane LUMO
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